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About Us

Fostering enduring value.

Classical music is more than just genre of music. It is music that has for hundreds of years been the medium through which some of the most profound sentiments and indescribable emotional states of the human experience are expressed. It is the root of our civilisation's artistic expression by the musical form and its pursuit of beauty has driven artistic and scientific innovations in theory and instrumentation which has enabled all other western genres of music to exist thereafter.

The survival of Classical Music over the centuries despite many countering forces has not been by chance. Behind the the music of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and the next generation of classical composers, there lies a timeless truth and beauty, an enduring meaning and value which not only has maintained itself to be relevant in our lives throughout these centuries, but which has also proven itself to be necessary.


 Cartier & Belle-Wright was founded upon joint motivations of education and industry; to foster the culture of classical music by concentrating in one accessible space, the talent of emerging composers around the world who live to bring that enduring value of classical music to us, and supply the means to pass on this great tradition to young students through pedagogical materials developed by our composers.  

Through our website, you will be able to obtain the latest contributions to this great genre along with music teaching methods, as well as keeping up with news of possible concerts in your area by subscription to our events program. 



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